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Nava Bharat Pest Control Services is the one stop solution for all your pest related problems. We are situated in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. We deal in a number of pest controls like; general pest control that consists of termite control, mosquito control, rodent control, lizards control etc. These pests are very harmful and can be very hazardous to our health. They carry different infections and diseases which could even cost your life.

We ensure to sanitize the area by applying various procedures. Most often pathogenic mosquitoes breed in our surroundings so it’s very important to take remedial measures to prevent their spread. Our latest technology and techniques help in doing so. We believe if the method is right everything can be taken care off. We try to deliver our services in the minimum time possible and at attractive prices.We also provide our services to corporate companies and homes.

One of our best services that we offer is Herbal Pest Control or Non- Chemical Pest Control which means, pest controls that are natural and odorless. In this process organisms/odorless bars are released in order to naturally/biologically fight pest infestations. Herbal pest control is one of the most efficient and environment friendly pest controls that help in fighting pests without doing any damage to the environment. These pest controls are efficient when you have pets and small kids at home.

Our services are the best in terms of the quality and effectiveness. Our staff is highly professional and are the best at what they do. We believe in using the best methodology as it is very important to know that and also the best pesticides. Therefore, correct identification is a very important process.

Nava Bharat Pest Control Services focuses on prevention by removing conditions that attract pests, such as food, water, shelter etc.

We provide are services to offices and homes too which is known as Commercial Pest Control and Residential Pest Control. As the impact of pests makes a considerable impact on our lives especially small kids as they are too sensitive. Here at Nava Bharat, we provide the latest and best technology machines and pesticides so as to keep your surroundings and life safe and sound.

Nava Bharat Pest Control uses the lowest risk and most effective methods and pesticides considering the risks to environment and customers. From general pest controls to herbal pest control we have it all. Our services won’t let you down. We focus on providing 100 percent customer satisfaction as to build a repo and have a successful career in this industry. Pest control is something that should be done every month or year according to the need and requirement as it leads to a hygienic and healthy life.

We target at total control and non-harmful, safe, effective and long-lasting results. We strive hard to provide the best services in terms of everything be it quality or effectiveness. Our one of the major focus is to give our customers beneficial services in as less time as we can. Also, we offer the best prices.
Nava BHarat Pest Control offers complete solution for your Pest Control. Just connect with us and we will provide you the solution.

Pest control services offered by Nava bharat pest control


Herbal Pest Control

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Residential Pest Control

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 commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

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General Pest Control

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